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Renting a cottage : 6 unbeatable arguments


Renting a cottage : 6 arguments to convince your spouse.

Renting a cottage is a way of life you enjoy! It’s your number one choice for your next weekend getaway or vacation. But now you need to convince your spouse. Here are 6 arguments to convince him that renting a cottage is the most economical, practical and especially the most enjoyable solution.

1. Renting a cottage means you’re on the move!

Renting a collage means you’re on the move! It means playing outside, enjoying the weather, having fun with the kids and stretching your legs. Swimming, pedal boating, kayaking, throwing a Frisbee…and why not a hike in the forest? Also in the winter, go tube sliding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating, etc… In order to convince your spouse, tell him about all the activities included in your rental.

2. Renting a cottage means enjoying holy peace!

You know that incessant buzz that you are constantly exposed to, but you don’t hear anymore? Traffic, the neighbor’s TV and all those other surrounding noises that increase your stress level year-round. At the cottage, the only sounds you’ll be hearing are those of the wind in the trees, the waves on the beach and other musicals that nature has to offer. The silence of your nights will be broken by the crackling of your fire. You can read or rest in a private environment, smack in the middle of nature, soothing your mind in an instant. You want to convince your spouse in renting a cottage? Tell him that holy peace is priceless!

Sleeping at the hotel is basically for ... sleeping.

Rather than renting a cottage, you could choose to rent a hotel room, but expect a very different experience.

A hotel room is the perfect place to sleep. (Who can afford a huge suite … the size of the smallest cottage that’s for rent?) You’ll quickly feel narrowed in your space. Once your morning shower taken, you’ll want to go out on the town and not return before evening’s end.

Don’t forget that hotel equals to dining out. Even if your budget allows it, is it really where you want to spend your money?

3. Renting a cottage means (REALLY) being on vacation.

Cabin life is not just about swimming, sliding and the calm of nature. For many others it’s also mowing the lawn and shoveling the balcony. Not to mention the thousand and one other tasks that send you to the hardware store back and forth every weekend. Managing paperwork, municipal taxes and insurances…negociating with the neighbor installing his fence in the middle of your land, or running to the cottage on a dreary and cold November afternoon only to finalize the ongoing projects. Unless of course, you rent a cottage, then all these hassles are now in the hands of the owner! Tell your spouse that by renting a cottage, he will actually BE on vacation.

4. Renting a cottage is saving money!

Owning a cottage is a beautiful dream, but unfortunately with the dream comes reality and several bills to pay: • The mortgage • Municipal taxes • Insurance • Public services such as electricity • Maintenance such as clearning the entrance and emptying the septic tank. This easily adds up to $10,000 or $20,000 a year not counting the other little surprises that can come along with it. If you’re in the market of buying a cottage, keep in mind that one day your roof will need repairing and your foundation may need major repairs. By renting a cottage, you know exactly what you are paying for. Unless you decide to rent a cottage every weekend, it is still the most economical solution. To convince your spouse, tell him he will have money left over for his mancave!

A tent is great! (unless it's raining of course).

Rain is the nightmare of most campers, unless you own a huge shelter (like the Chalets Lanaudière group camping sites). Your children will have the choice between putting on their raincoats and boots, or staying in the tent.

Imagine the damp clothes and bedding management, not to mention mud under your feet. We all know unfortunately that it may happen a few times during your next summer vacation, so why not settle for a cottage instead? You’ll be much better off and hassle free.

5. Renting a cottage is synonym of freedom!

We’ve all met someone who owns a cottage, in the beginning you’ll spend every weekend there by enchantment and the excitement fades as years go by. This often happens due to the children growing older and claiming different activities, or for many other reasons at that. Unfortunately, spending less time there does not diminish the mortgage payments or other fees. The owners end up feeling obligated to going there in order to justify the costs. It is most often at this stage that the owners will decide to sell. Renting a cottage gives you the flexibility you need. You decide on the dates and if you decide you prefer taking that African safari instead, you’re free to do so. If your needs or tastes change, you’re not stuck with a useless mortgage. Explain to your spouse that by renting a cottage, he guarantees his freedom!

6. Renting a cottage is a change of scenery!

Renting a cottage allows you to choose the home that best suits your vacation needs. For a romantic getaway, you may choose a small unit nestled amongst the trees. A following weekend, maybe nieces and nephews will want to join the party, so you will opt for a much larger cottage by the lake. You may even realise you have a ‘’favorite summer cottage’’, and a different one for the winter season. Tell your spouse that by renting a cottage, he will have the opportunity to change the decor as he sees fit!

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