Chalets Lanaudière accepts dogs on its site

Bring your dog during your stay in a cottage or cabin!


Every year during their holidays or weekends in the countryside, dog owners have the same dilemma: what to do with their dog! Few hotels or resorts welcome these special four legged vacationers. Because we know that your dog is part of your family and your life, Chalets Lanaudière is proud to offer you the possibility to bring your pet during your stay in a cottage or a cabin.

Obviously, to make sure of maintaining a great experience for all our customers and harmony on the site, Chalets Lanaudière has established a welcoming procedure for your dog who will become, for the duration of your stay, a “certified traveler” at Chalets Lanaudière.

Dogs can stay with their masters in all cottages and in the cabins. Dogs must be registered at the time of booking and extra fees apply.

Do not wait any longer and come and spend quality time with your family or friends and bring your faithful four-legged friend in a cottage or a cabin at Chalets Lanaudière.

Bear in mind that Chalets Lanaudière is a social enterprise and a non-profit organization that offers rental facilities including 24 cottages, four reinvented yurts and four luxury cabins and that its profits go to supporting the mission of Camp Mariste to help underprivileged children. So by renting an accommodation in Chalets Lanaudière you are making a “good deed” for children with special needs.

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