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Our priority is your security!

Fire security

  • Each year a legally recognised external firm carries out the inspection of all of our protection systems against fire and issues a compliance certificate valid for 1 year.
  • Furthermore, each year an external sweeping firm sweeps every chimney and inspects our fireplaces and wood burning stoves.

Building security

  • All our buildings abide by construction standards and prescribed  security rules issued by “ la  Régie du bâtiment” in accordance with their use.

Drinking water

  • Twice a month, Chalets Lanaudière abides to the rules of the Ministry of Sustainable developments, environment and Parks with regards to analysis of drinking water and proceeds via a recognised  and accredited laboratory to  various analysis required.

Chalets Lanaudière staff

  • For your protection Chalets Lanaudière scrutinises past criminal records of all its staff.
  • The majority of our staff in customer service are trained in first aid and for the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Lake/water activities

  • Chalets Lanaudière supplies personal flotation devices (PFD) to all its customers and customers are required to wear them in all water activities (canoe, kayak, pedalo etc.)
  • Both beaches, where swimming is allowed for customers of Chalets Lanaudière,  are approved by “ la Régie du bâtiment” and comply with public baths safety and security measures, and the Ministry of Sustainable development, environment and Parks and we apply the measures prescribed by provincial authorities. Our facilities and operations in the swimming  areas are in accordance with  provincial regulations  (B-1.1,r.11).
  • A lifeguard is on duty during swimming hours. Said lifeguard must detain an  up- to-date certificate issued by the Lifeguard Society as prescribed by  provincial regulation.
  • Each summer, water from our lakes is analysed by the Ministry of sustainable development,environment and parks as per the  beach environment program. The results are posted at each beach of Chalets Lanaudière.

Climbing walls

  • Our climbing walls have been inspected by the Quebec Federation of Mountain and Climbing Walls (FQME).
  • Our instructors are trained and detain a certificate issued by FQME