Chalets Lanaudière is slowly deconfining!

Good news! We can safely welcome you. For tourist accommodation, the health measures currently in place are:

  • Since June 28, Lanaudière has been in the green zone and can rent accommodation to a maximum of 10 people or occupants from a maximum of 3 addresses. Physical distancing and wearing a mask are strongly recommended.
  • According to government measures in place since August 25, 2021, the vaccination passport will not be required in companies renting tourist accommodation. However, Chalets Lanaudière requires that all customers respect the sanitary measures in place before, during their stay and after. You will find all the details in this section.

For other activity interests at Chalet Lanaudière, the new deconfining measures are the following:

  • Curfew:
    • It was lifted as of May 28th. Therefore, Chalet Lanaudière’s regular curfew is now in force: as of 23h00 noise must considerably be reduced by respect to the other customers on site.
  • Outdoor gatherings:
    • Since May 28th, a maximum of 8 people or the occupants of 2 different addresses can gather outdoors.
    • And from June 28, as the Lanaudière region will move to the green zone, a group of up to 20 people will be allowed to gather outside (campground, campfire site, etc.).
  • Sports or outdoor activities:
    • Since June 14, Lanaudière has been in the yellow zone, so a maximum of 25 people is allowed to practice an activity with brief and supervised contacts.
    • From June 28 in the green zone, sports and leisure activities taking place outside are permitted when carried out in groups of a maximum of 50 people.
    • As much as possible, physical distancing should be observed when engaging in physical or sporting activities. Short-term and infrequent contacts or reconciliations are, however, permitted.

Chalets Lanaudière wants you to experience a peaceful and safe stay in a chalet, yurt or cabin. Our team has put in place a health measure plan which goes beyond the prescribed health authorities sanitary measures to ensure your health and safety. Here are some of our sanitary measures put in place to ensure your safety and health:

  • Between each client, each accommodation is disinfected by the staff of the housekeeping company who, given the situation and their expertise developed by working in hospital and CLSCs, use specific working methods and disinfectant products in times of pandemic.
  • In each accommodation unit, disinfection of all surfaces likely to have been in contact with hands or droplets such as handrails, door handles, switches, remote controls, household appliances, thermostats, mattresses, etc.
  • Daily disinfection of all sanitary blocks used by customers that are staying in yurts and cabins.
  • Daily disinfection of our office (reception) and the shop/location center.
  • Disinfection of outdoor sports equipment between each client with products approved by Health Canada.
  • Presence of posters and employees on the estate and on the site of each activity to remind people of the sanitary measures to be observed and to ensure that everybody will follow them.
  • No day access to our site. To ensure compliance with sanitary measures, we limit access to our domain to customers who are staying in a chalet, yurt, cabin or campsite. No day access is allowed. Thank you for your understanding.

We invite you to consult this section containing all the information on the health measures implemented to ensure the health and safety of all our customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

Our goal is to allow you to enjoy the benefits of nature and the outdoors in complete safety!

We closely follow government and public health directives and will adjust our service offering and health measures as these directives evolve.

Let’s make all the necessary efforts to limit the spread of the virus and regain a “normal” life and above all collective health as quickly as possible!

Thank you for your trust and your collaboration!

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